US 93: Wickenburg to Santa Maria River

Location/Design Concept Study and Environmental Studies

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SR 89 to Wickenburg Interim Bypass

Wickenburg   (SR 89) to Santa Maria River

Interim Improvement Project

Wickenburg Bypass

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SR 89 to Wickenburg Interim Bypass

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has initiated a study of potential improvements to the portion of US 93 between the intersection with SR 89 and the connection with the planned Wickenburg Interim Bypass project. The project area extends from Milepost (MP) 193 to MP 198 and is located within Maricopa and Yavapai Counties. This segment of roadway, occasionally referred to as “The Gap,” is the only remaining section of US 93 between Wickenburg and the Hoover Dam that has not been studied for improvement. While the ultimate bypass southwest of Wickenburg will eventually shift regional traffic away from this portion of the roadway, it will serve as US 93 for at least 15 years until the bypass is constructed; therefore, ADOT is studying this portion of US 93 for improvement. Jacobs has been retained by ADOT to conduct the planning, engineering, and environmental studies required to develop and evaluate alternatives for this project.


This page updated: October 18, 2007.