US 93: Wickenburg to Santa Maria River

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SR 89 to Wickenburg Interim Bypass

Wickenburg   (SR 89) to Santa Maria River

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Wickenburg (SR 89) to Santa Maria River

Study Description

US 93 is the primary highway route linking the metropolitan Phoenix area to northwest Arizona and beyond. The highway provides regional service to residents and commercial traffic between Wickenburg and Kingman, supports recreational traffic associated with the Colorado River, and provides access to the gaming industries of Laughlin and Las Vegas, Nevada. The highway also serves as a commercial route between metropolitan Phoenix and I-40. US 93 is part of the National Highway System and has been designated as a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) highway corridor. Traffic volumes along the route have continually increased over the years due to growth in the region. Due to its designation as a NAFTA route, traffic volumes can be expected to increase rapidly in the near future, particularly for long-haul truck traffic.

The project area begins at the US 93/State Route (SR) 89 junction and extends 32 miles northwest on US 93 to the Santa Maria River within Yavapai County, Arizona. The southern terminus is located approximately four miles northwest of Wickenburg at milepost (MP) 193.5, and the northern terminus is located just south of the Santa Maria River at MP 161.5. The northern portion of the project area is designated as the Joshua Forest Scenic Road.

Within the project area, US 93 is generally a two-lane rural highway with one 12-foot travel lane in each direction. The property adjacent to the highway is undeveloped except for an area of residential development north of SR 89, commercial development at the US 93/SR 71 junction, isolated ranch turnouts, and a few public roads. Most of the property in the project vicinity is owned by the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD), although the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) also manages lands in the northern project area, and several small parcels along the roadway are privately owned.

The project's purpose is to improve traffic operations on US 93 by providing adequate capacity for current and projected traffic volumes, improving passing opportunities, and reducing the frequency and severity of accidents, including the potential for head-on collisions. Traffic analyses have shown that highway improvements are needed to improve the roadway's capacity and traffic operations. The traffic analysis prepared for this study recommended reconstruction of US 93 to a four-lane divided roadway for the entire length of the project area because a four-lane divided facility would provide increased passing opportunities, separate opposing traffic, control turning traffic through the use of median crossovers, accommodate access control, and improve operational efficiency.

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This page updated: October 28, 2004.