US 93: Wickenburg to Santa Maria River

Location/Design Concept Study and Environmental Studies

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SR 89 to Wickenburg Interim Bypass

Wickenburg   (SR 89) to Santa Maria River

Interim Improvement Project

Wickenburg Bypass

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Wickenburg (SR 89) to Santa Maria River


Current Status

Study Process

The graphic at left provides an illustration of the study process and how the engineering, environmental, and public participation components interrelate. The arrow indicates where we are in the process to date for the SR 89 to Santa Maria study.


Study History

Public and agency scoping meetings were held in June 1999 to identify issues, concerns, and opportunities (ICOs) relative to the proposed bypass corridors and the improvements north of Wickenburg. Based on public opinion surveys and the input received at the scoping meetings, the Study Team established engineering and environmental evaluation criteria to be applied to the improvement alternatives.

A public information meeting was held in Wickenburg in August 2000 to inform the public of the array of alternatives initially considered for the bypass corridor, the interim improvements, and the widening of US 93 north of Wickenburg, as well as which of those alternatives would be carried forward for further study.

Specific design concept alternatives for the widening of US 93 north of Wickenburg from SR 89 to the Santa Maria River were then developed and evaluated. These alternatives were evaluated and compared  to select a preferred alternative that minimizes environmental impacts and meets the project objectives and engineering constraints. The results of this evaluation process are documented in the Initial Location/Design Concept Report (February 2004). The Draft Environmental Assessment for the  widening of US 93 from SR 89 to the Santa Maria River was finalized in September 2004. A public hearing was held on November 17, 2004. The Final Environmental Assessment was completed in March 2005.



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