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SR 89 to Wickenburg Interim Bypass

Wickenburg   (SR 89) to Santa Maria River

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Interim Improvement Project

Project Description

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is designing an interim improvement of US 93 east of downtown Wickenburg. The interim improvement project will provide a near-term solution to improve traffic conditions at the intersection of Wickenburg Way (US 60) and North Tegner Street (US 93), which is heavily congested. The proposed project is located in Wickenburg, Maricopa County, Arizona. The project limits are from Milepost (MP) 111.0 on US 60, south of the existing Hassayampa River crossing, to MP 197.0 on US 93, near the northern town limit of Wickenburg. The interim improvement consists of a new five-lane roadway to be constructed east of downtown Wickenburg following the west bank of the Hassayampa River.

In Wickenburg, existing US 93 (North Tegner Street) consists of a two-lane highway that passes through downtown, where it intersects US 60 (Wickenburg Way). In the three-block segment north of Wickenburg Way, North Tegner Street is currently striped for one lane of traffic in each direction with parking on both sides. Farther to the north, North Tegner Street widens into a five-lane roadway with two travel lanes in each direction separated by a center turn lane. East of Tegner Street, Wickenburg Way currently has two travel lanes in each direction with parking on both sides. This intersection is often heavily congested with local and regional through-traffic, and is perceived to be a safety concern by the community.

The purpose of the proposed interim improvement is to accommodate traffic volumes for the next 15 to 20 years. The new roadway will be an integral element of US 93 until the ultimate bypass southwest of town can be built. The proposed roadway will provide an opportunity for regional US 93 through-traffic to move through the area without adding to the congestion in downtown Wickenburg. Through-traffic that now uses North Tegner Street will effectively be shifted away from the US 60/US 93 intersection to the interim improvement, thereby alleviating traffic congestion at that intersection while improving air quality and reducing the potential for pedestrian/vehicle conflicts.

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This page updated: November 18, 2005.