US 93: Wickenburg to Santa Maria River

Location/Design Concept Study and Environmental Studies

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SR 89 to Wickenburg Interim Bypass

Wickenburg   (SR 89) to Santa Maria River

Interim Improvement Project

Wickenburg Bypass

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Wickenburg Bypass


Study Reports Final Feasibility Report (July 2004)

Initial Feasibility Report (October 2003) Preliminary results of the investigation of alternative transportation route corridors appropriate for the Wickenburg bypass.

Economic Study  (October 1999) This study examines a number of economic aspects of the effects associated with construction of a highway bypass around Wickenburg.

Scoping Report (September 1999) This report compiles all of the information collected during the public and agency scoping process.

Origin/Destination Study (July 1999) A survey was conducted in order to obtain traffic data that would be useful in analyzing the feasibility of potential bypass alignments and the overall impact the bypass might have on existing travel patterns. Roadside interviews were used to collect information on trip origin and destination, trip purpose, and other data from a selected sample of drivers.

Opinion Survey (May 1999) This is the complete report of a survey conducted of residents, businesses, and visitors within the community of Wickenburg.

Newsletters Newsletter #4 (March 2002)

Newsletter #3 (October 2000)

Newsletter #2 (February 2000)

Newsletter #1 (May 1999) 



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